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A web-enabled document review platform for all professional users

IT Group’s browser-based service, powered by Intella Connect, provides quick and easy functionality for clients to search, filter and review digital information.

From set-up to searches, Intella Connect is fast, simple and flexible. This web-based search and review platform is easy to learn and streamlines the process of interrogating electronic data. Its user-friendly interface, adaptable tagging process and intuitive search functionality make it simple to review data and find critical information quickly. It’s also scalable, so can be used by one reviewer or a team across different global locations. Built-in features include cluster mapping technology, document de-duplication, two-factor authentication protection, batching and coding, and batch redactions. Popular with HR, legal and regulatory professionals globally, Intella Connect requires minimal training and users can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

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Our electronic discovery experts have completed a wide range of assignments throughout the world, spanning global industries, sectors and subsectors.

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