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Data Processing & Hosting

Our processing power and advanced tools give total control of high-volume data

The processing power of IT Group’s UK-based data centre gives more control over digitally-stored information to create data sets that are fully primed and optimised for review. Capable of processing over one million files per hour, we apply intelligent file indexing and extract relevant assets in a way that preserves the original data while giving fast, easy access to information. This includes anti-malware scanning of harvested and exchanged documents to limit potential infection.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing enables us to convert high volumes of document files into searchable PDF format. We are also able to open encrypted documents and mobile devices.

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IT Group UK Limited (part of Blackrock Expert Services Group) is committed to protecting your information. Your information will be used in accordance with the applicable data privacy law, our internal policies and our privacy policy. As IT Group UK Limited is part of a global organisation, your information may be stored and processed by IT Group UK Limited and its affiliates in countries outside your country of residence, but wherever your information is processed, we will handle it with the same care and respect for your privacy.

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Integrated knowledge and expertise spanning global industries and sectors

Our electronic discovery experts have completed a wide range of assignments throughout the world, spanning global industries, sectors and subsectors. 

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