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Data Collection & Preservation

We identify and retrieve case-critical data from anywhere in the world

Drawing on expert witness experience in digital forensics and cyber security, IT Group’s team quickly identifies the location of critical data, including forensically valuable metadata, and the best method of retrieval. Our forensic tools extract live and deleted data from sources such as email accounts, databases and cloud storage that can be housed anywhere from servers and workstations to mobile devices. As we can collect data remotely, this avoids the disruption of physically removing hardware and systems.

We do this in a compliant and protected manner to protect client data from external threats, including data encryption, regular security audits, vulnerability scans and penetration tests. Additionally, our systems and networks are protected by Darktrace, a world-leading early warning threat detection technology.

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IT Group UK Limited (part of Blackrock Expert Services Group) is committed to protecting your information. Your information will be used in accordance with the applicable data privacy law, our internal policies and our privacy policy. As IT Group UK Limited is part of a global organisation, your information may be stored and processed by IT Group UK Limited and its affiliates in countries outside your country of residence, but wherever your information is processed, we will handle it with the same care and respect for your privacy.

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Integrated knowledge and expertise spanning global industries and sectors

Our electronic discovery experts have completed a wide range of assignments throughout the world, spanning global industries, sectors and subsectors.

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