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We provide proactive conflict avoidance advice to mitigate contentious situations and avoid disputes

Prior to any formal dispute, we can provide robust advice to clients who require expert analysis for commercial purposes. Our quantum experts are experienced in providing objective and independent early assessment of loss, whether in the context of negotiation and mediation, or for third party funders. We can also undertake an impartial analysis of any agreements and statements of work in order to understand what should have been delivered, what methodology should have been used and each party’s respective responsibilities.

Our technology experts can identify key issues in a failing project and advise whether or not it should be terminated. In the event of termination, we can assist with the negotiation process, or alternatively, provide advice on how to rectify such issues. All findings can be presented in a CPR compliant expert witness report.

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We have helped to avoid and/or resolve disputes on complex projects throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia, that span the entire spectrum of global industries, sectors and subsectors.

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