What our clients say

We found [the Blackrock Expert] to be an impressive witness

The assessment has been made by [the Blackrock Expert] in meticulous detail...

...an extremely impressive expert witness and understood his duty to assist the Tribunal and to avoid being an advocate...

[The Blackrock Expert] carried out a detailed investigation...

...thorough and detailed exposition by [The Blackrock Expert]

[The Blackrock Expert] has carried out a rigorous and lengthy analysis [and] set out conclusions...in detailed and clear text, illustrated with many helpful graphs and figures.

All told the Tribunal felt able to full rely upon [The Blackrock Expert] evidence and felt comfortable that they were receiving his genuine personal opinion...

The Tribunal prefers the methodology and technique adopted by [the Blackrock Experts]...

...the Tribunal is impressed with the thoroughness and details of [the Blackrock Experts'] analysis...

The Tribunal finds no reason to doubt the detailed analysis carried out [by the Blackrock expert]...

[The Blackrock Expert] has carried out a typically thorough investigation and analysis of the relevant facts...

We were impressed with [The Blackrock Expert's] evidence, which was carefully and cogently presented and which we considered to be objective. Furthermore, [The Blackrock Expert] was unshaken in cross-examination.

…we were impressed by and accepted the evidence of [The Blackrock Expert]. We do not do so lightly.

…considerable confidence in the approach, reliability and objectivity adopted by [the Blackrock Expert] and team which the Tribunal considered to be both professional and impressive.

…a careful and measured approach to valuation which is evidence based. Moreover, as we have already stated, we were impressed by [the Blackrock Expert].

Our projects

Independent expert advice for LNG terminal jetty arbitration case

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Advisory services for waste-to-energy facility feeding national grid

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Provided advisory services relating to a biomethane-to-grid project in South West England. The 1MW anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is designed to convert organic materials from local food and agricultural waste into gas and electricity, feeding biogas directly into the UK national grid as renewable bio-methane. Reviewed Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract, following equipment issues and crop feedstock deficiencies.

Delay analysis helps resolve disruption issues on iconic modularised hotel

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Wind farm

Sustainable wind farm delays resolved through adjudication

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Dehumidifier grill

Expert analysis of household appliance responsible for series of fires

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Project advisory for luxury Grade I listed building refurbishment

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Adjudication resolves delay issues on railway capacity improvement project

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Oil refinery

Clarity from complexity on major refinery unit contract dispute

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Critical path analysis of North African highway megaproject

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Oil field - Middle East

Review of delay methodology for major oil field redevelopment project

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Specialist ADR support for systems supplier and automotive distributor

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MEP works at state-of-the-art university campus and student residence

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Urban regeneration

Critical delay analysis of major city regeneration scheme

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Longstanding bus rapid transit scheme dispute settles after mediation

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Airport terminal

Contract termination at greenfield airport terminal site in Eastern Africa

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