What our clients say

“…the Tribunal is impressed with the thoroughness and detail of [the Blackrock Experts’] analysis…”

“Given our previous experience of working with [the Blackrock expert] on similar large disputes, we had no hesitation in inviting Blackrock Expert Services to accept our instructions to act as both programming expert and construction management expert”

“...thank you all for the months and in some cases, years of hard work and dedication it has taken to bring together a particularly difficult and challenging project...”

“[the Blackrock expert’s]...detailed knowledge of the facts and technical abilities was helpful throughout.”

“[the Blackrock expert’s] work was exemplary in all respects with an unflagging objectivity and constructively critical approach...”

“...thank you both very much indeed for all the commitment, effort and persistence you brought to this.”

“...clearly an outstanding expert witness, he is very easy to work with, in that he is calm and unflappable, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the documents and the events on site, and approaches each task in hand with great professionalism and good humour.”

“[the Blackrock expert] brought considerable clarity to a complicated matter and an exceptional willingness to put in long hours with patience and ability to remain focused on the essentials.”

“We found [the Blackrock expert] and team to be very efficient, thorough and helpful. [the Blackrock expert] got to grips with the issues quickly and produced a very user-friendly expert report...”

“[the Blackrock expert] worked tirelessly on the case... [the] evidence was particularly impressive when taking into account that he was appointed relatively late in the proceedings.”

Our projects

Complex building envelope surrounds research campus dispute

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Rolls Building London

Expert advisory services for complex High Court technology case

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Handheld card reader

Expert witness services in high-profile information technology case

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Scales of justice

Tactical approach to negotiations helps resolve public sector IT dispute

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Adjudication decides contractor -v- subcontractor building services dispute

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Outside of a listed building

Private residential dispute in London resolved through adjudication

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Gold mine

Detailed programme analysis for open-pit gold mine dispute

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Toll road at night

Technology advice for electronic toll charge programme in Southern Africa

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SAP implementation project recovery for large media corporation

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Early production facility

Contract termination stalls early production of onshore oil and gas field

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LNG Jetty

Independent expert advice for LNG terminal jetty arbitration case

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Advisory services for waste-to-energy facility feeding national grid

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Provided advisory services relating to a biomethane-to-grid project in South West England. The 1MW anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is designed to convert organic materials from local food and agricultural waste into gas and electricity, feeding biogas directly into the UK national grid as renewable bio-methane. Reviewed Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract, following equipment issues and crop feedstock deficiencies.