Ewen Maclean, partner at Blackrock Expert Services, introduces the potential impacts of COVID-19 on construction projects showing how the variable effects of the pandemic could result in some surprising re-routing of a project’s critical path. He goes onto note the current UK government guidance (that has similarities to other countries) and what specific restrictions may impair a Contractor’s performance on site as a consequence.

Ewen also highlights the stages of a construction project that can be affected by government responses including pre-lockdown, during lockdown and subsequent periods as lockdown measures are relaxed. In addition, the paper considers strategies to recover lost time such as increasing working hours and how this in itself can be the subject of lost productivity.

Methodologies of analysing disruption and lost productivity are provided with a worked example of a measured mile analysis and what records need to be kept for producing a good loss of productivity analysis. Finally, Ewen provides commentary on the guidance issued by three standard forms of contract (NEC, JCT and FIDIC) with links to relevant documents.

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