Authored by a team of industry leading lawyers and technical experts, and published by Sweet & Maxwell, ‘Dealing with Delay and Disruption on Construction Projects’ is a practical and authoritative guide providing construction lawyers with the understanding of how delay and disruption issues can affect construction projects, how to plan for them and what to look out for when making claims.   

Senior Blackrock Expert Services Partner and delay expert, David Goodman, supported by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Mahmoud Abdelaal and Huseyin Karanci, co-authored Chapter 15 of this publication. This chapter considers the time and cost aspects of project management in respect to delay and disruption. It addresses how employers and contractors consider issues impacting a project’s time and hence cost, from the original inception of the project, through to the tender and early stages of the project and to the project’s ultimate conclusion. It provides guidance as to how parties can proactively manage project risks regarding delay and disruption from a project management perspective and includes a variety of practical examples across a range of project types; covering the key scheduling aspects of the lifecycle of a project, from procurement to completion, including tendering, reporting and record keeping, post contract schedule management and change management.  

‘Dealing with Delay and Disruption on Construction Projects’ is now on sale at Sweet & Maxwell and available soon on Westlaw UK.