Who’s Who Legal has recognised 17 experts from Blackrock Expert Services Group as leading expert witnesses in international arbitration. WWL also identified four future leaders from across the group.  Within England and Wales, our 21 experts and future leaders account for an impressive 14% of all individuals listed. Our experts also account for four of a total of 13 Global Elite Thought leaders within the EMEA region.

Four of our accounting and valuation experts were listed as thought leaders – Philip Haberman and Frank Ilett continue to be recognised as Global Elite Thought Leaders in the EMEA region, now joined by partners Bruno Augustin and Liz Perks. Philip maintains his “outstanding reputation” and perennial Global Elite Thought Leader status in this field, for his excellence when acting as an expert witness in a range of complex commercial matters, while Frank stands out for his “excellent work in complex fraud cases” and is lauded for being “effective during cross-examination” and “persuasive with tribunals”.

Liz is “an absolute delight to work with” according to peers, who praise her for being “hardworking, accessible and clever” and Bruno is described as being well versed in providing testimony in disputes involving sectors such as defence, retail, renewable energy and financial services. One lawyer comments, “He did a great job in difficult circumstances.”

Nine of our construction experts were listed:

  • David Barry, chairman and founder of Blackrock Expert Services, highly impresses clients, who commend him as “simply the best delay expert in the market, if not the world”.
  • Austin Duffy is held in high esteem as a “motivated, passionate and talented” expert who is praised for his deep understanding of cases and for being “great to work with”.
  • Rob Palles-Clark is praised for his “integrity and calm methodical approach”, which “is highly valued by tribunals” and “brings confidence to even the toughest of cases”.
  • Aidan Coyne is “very thorough” and “a pleasure to work with”.
  • David Goodman is “An exceptional expert” with one lawyer commenting that “He is my go-to expert witness in relation to delay analysis“.
  • Ian Osbaldeston is “independent, calm, sharp and accomplished” and “His expert report was precise, accurate and detailed“.
  • Joanne Prior is “Excellent in cross-examination” with one lawyer remarking that “Joanne’s knowledge on quantum issues cannot be matched“.
  • Mark Gordon is “always calm and measured and inspires confidence in clients” and “His expert reports are excellent – easy to read and clear“.
  • Richard Edwin is “impressive in cross-examination – he is assured of his position and unshakeable under pressure” and is “practical and very easy to work with“.

In addition to our four Global Elite Thought Leaders a further four of our accounting and valuation experts were also included:

  • Valery Knyazev possesses excellent experience as a testifying witness in arbitrations. Sources note that he “went above and beyond” and was “incredibly hardworking and approachable”.
  • Vikki Wall stands out for her dynamic experience in all aspects of the dispute process and is revered for her impressive work as a testifying expert in cases before UK and international tribunals.
  • Debbie Revillis incredibly diligent and can handle extremely complex issues and analyses with ease”. Sources state that “her manner and approach inspires confidence and she performs well when giving evidence”.
  • Graham Nunns is recommended for his involvement in a range of commercial disputes matters, ranging from valuation disputes to contract disputes involving technology and construction projects.

We are also delighted that Simon Procopiou, Kate Lilleyman and Anastasia Mikhalitsyna continue to be recognised as Future Leaders in Arbitration, now joined for the first time by Paris based expert, Louk Korovesis.

  • Louk is described as “a superb expert”; “He’s always well prepared and pays attention to the details”; and “Clients appreciate the ease with which he presents complex issues”.
  • Kate is well versed in a variety of forensic disputes, including joint venture disputes and loss of profit disputes and is recognised for her “thoroughness and attention to detail” as well as “the quality of her reports”.
  • Anastasia is a well-respected expert who is admired for being “extremely organised” and “on top of every detail”.
  • The “exceptional” Simon Procopiou “is extremely knowledgeable about forensic accounting” and has “a deep understanding of the arbitration process”.

You can read more about our experts on our website, or via Who’s Who Legal’s guide to Blackrock Expert Services and Haberman Ilett experts and future leaders.